Compliance/Crisis Management

Corporate management and employees require an accurate understanding of various applicable regulations. It is, however, becoming difficult to follow the frequent and numerous updates of and the implementation of this legislation. Moreover, companies need to observe and comply with the trends in the regulatory authority's decisions and public opinion.

If serious misconduct/accidents occur, companies need to make decisions instantly while still acting carefully, as companies' actions after the occurrence of major misconduct/accidents may have a decisive impact on the companies' business and reputation. It is, therefore, crucial for companies to obtain timely advice and necessary support from legal advisers who understand the company's business deeply and tailor their advice to the company's' needs. 

We have a long track record of supporting companies on compliance matters/crisis management, employing our years of expertise and experience.

【Service Examples】

  • Proposing and reviewing compliance structures.
  • Advising companies on how to prevent misconduct and representing companies once it occurs.
  • Establishing Internal Reporting Centers.
  • In-house training correspondence.
  • Internal investigations.
  • Risk management including measures towards shareholder representative litigation.