General Corporate/International Transactions

The legal adviser's role is crucial to allow the business owner to concentrate on its business. It is also essential for your legal team to review contracts with confidence, and for the customer service department to correspond to their customers with a clear decision. There are many cases where irreparable errors, disputes, and damage can be avoided by receiving regular reliable legal advice in advance. It is important to find a firm which can provide you with professional and knowledgeable advice based on your actual needs right when you need it. 

Our experienced attorneys have developed their practices in different areas of law.  They are able to form the best team and tailor solutions to your needs and offer professional support. We will propose an optimal retainer agreement based on your actual needs and requirements/demands. 

Our general corporate legal practice provides everyday advice with regards to contracts and legal issues associated with enterprises. Regarding the various legal matters that arise through business activities, we offer legal advice as well as contract drafting and reviewing services.  As the legal issues affecting enterprises can lead to business development, we endeavor to provide beneficial advice to enterprises based on our legal knowledge and socio-economic and industrial trends. 

As to international transactions and foreign clients, our attorneys with experience of working abroad (including the U.S., the U.K., and Hong Kong) are there to advise you. Several of our attorneys are qualified in both Japan and the State of New York and speak English fluently. 

We offer various services according to our clients' needs. This includes legal analyses based on specific issues and legislation, identifying issues existing in new business plans and solutions to them, as well as proposals for preventing problems pre-emptively, and providing solutions to issues that have already arisen. 

【What We Offer】

  • Advising on company incorporation, management of corporate governance (e.g., shareholders meetings, and board meetings).
  • Preparing and reviewing articles of incorporation, and other internal rules and company policies.
  • Drafting, negotiating and reviewing domestic/international commercial contracts including confidentiality agreements, sales and purchase agreements, lease agreements, service agreements, consulting agreements, distribution agreements, agency agreements, hiring agreements, licensing agreements and joint research agreements.
  • Advising on regulatory matters including matters related to company law, labor law, antitrust law, personal information protection law, and foreign exchange law.