M&A, Reorganization and Joint Ventures

With regards to a company's development, researching and developing new products and services as well as fostering the growth of the company are fundamental business activities. However, for the company's growth strategy, developing existing products, services, specific skills, manufacturing, and customers are also key. 

Although it is crucial to examine the aims and effects when purchasing a business as well as the viability of the business, it is also essential to check the legal issues of the 'acquisition target. 

Besides, considering factors such as a detailed timeline, taxation issues, and relationships with business partners, it is vital to investigate whether any purchasing scheme is optimal. In general, a purchasing scheme consists of stock acquisition, affiliation, corporate separation, business purchase, exchange of shares, and share transfers. All of these have their advantages and disadvantages. Moreover, efficient negotiation and drafting of transaction conditions, as well as monitoring and supporting the closing process, are vital for a successful closing.   

Our attorneys have been involved in many M&A, reorganization, and joint venture transactions. By applying their joint experience in this area, we can offer the best legal support for drafting contracts, contractual negotiation, and all other related aspects.